39 Days To Mars Game – Whimsical Adventure

39 Days to Mars is a collaborative encounter where you and your friend voyage to Mars for a cup of afternoon tea.

It is a capricious fantasy with crazy contraptions to intensify your day. It is outlined as a two-player couch co-op experience where both players have an influential position in the haste.

If you determine to play the game solo, you will rather be assisted by the computer-controlled ship’s cat.

The game is absolute for short play sessions as it is a mix of both action and puzzles. You can afford the entire adventure into a single evening or a very long tea break. This game is promoted essentially by its art style. Its nonchalant nature gives it a level of bewitchery that other games don’t regularly bestow.

You would play as Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honourable Clarence Baxter in the 19th century. They are both pioneers and have decided to pilot their machine, the HMS fearful, on its first voyage to Mars.

You must work collectively to reach Mars in one piece as things gradually go wrong throughout the event.

“Be pulled into the world of Albert and Baxter by the unique illuminated artwork. 39 Days to Mars has a vibrant sound-scape and a grand piano score that is punctuated only by the elite fall,” Indicates the Steam Store page. It is an adventure that is adequately shared with friends and with its small size, the game fits into a very convenient window.

Where most space exploration games go ahead, this game takes its advance to the vast unknown. In true British style, the two adventurers will doggedly stay with only one purpose in mind: having Tea on Mars.

To succeed in this game, you must work in a synchronized fashion. All the puzzles rely on your capability to do complicated things at once, and even the solo mode suits a little precarious as restraining both characters on one controller is tricky.

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