5 Best GBA games for kids

The Gameboy has to offer some really cool graphics, portability convenience and enhanced colour options are few features that make the GBA games a better one. Here is a list of games which stand out and will likely be the best of best GBA games for kids.

1. Dora the Explorer: Search for Pirate pig’s Treasure

Dora the explorer

Many GBA games are such that they are based on shows for kids and include relevant challenges. This is one of the best one and is more of age specific for the pre-schoolers. It does have certain challenges and cannot be played single handed; guidance of elders will be required.

Though there are challenges, the game is an easy going one with basic controls and an amazing theme. There aren’t any lives to lose, and the game is short and simple. The game can be a great one for kids who are new to GBA games.

The game is one of the best GBA games for kids as for the starters; it is very easy to understand, and while the kids are challenged, they remain entertained throughout.

2. Disney’s little Einsteins

Disney’s little Einsteins

This is probably one of the best theme based GBA games for kids, after all, all kids love Disney. With a number of characters on board, the game takes the kids on an adventure ride. The game has 6 different gameplays which include various challenges such as matching the music pieces, riding the rocket without bumping into articles and many others.

As the game progresses, each piece of art shall unlock a new level. The kids simply fly over the scenes and collect instruments throughout the play of the game. This game is suitable for kids at the age of 4 or above.

3. Cars


Cars is one well known Pixar film by Disney and has been developed into GBA games for kids. The piston run race is nearing and McQueen is trying to train himself in Radiator Springs. The player gets to choose the character over the available range of 30 games as well as mini games. The game is all about how the player explores the world of Radiator Springs and the Ornament Valley in either single player or multiplayer mode.

The game is apt for kids above 7 years of age and shall take them on a joy ride with each game!

4. Pokemon Sapphire


Both Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby  are the entry level games for the series into GBA games. The game is all about how the world of Hoenn is explored and how the search for wild Pokemon takes through a series of experience to catch, battle and tame it.

In a single battle, two Pokemon can be brought, and better graphics can be viewed. The Ruby and Sapphire have a range of creatures, and the multiplayer options are also available.

The game is recommended for all Pokemon fans aged 6 to 13. The game has high appeal to the kids, and the gameplay opportunities are indeed extensive.

5. I Spy Challenger

I Spy Challenger

This is basically a brain challenging Gab game for kids, though the name is a little unusual. The game combines education with entertainment in just the right amounts. The game has a range of riddles to solve and basically tries to enhance logical thinking skills of the children.

The game has more than 100 levels and as it progresses along with additional activities, bonus rounds, and various time challenges. There is a lot to this game than just riddles and basic brain challenges.

The game is recommended for preschoolers to kids of up to 6 years of age. The kids will surely find the game fun, not to forget the puzzles. The challenge is more apt for children aged 4-6 while the activity and fun levels shall be appropriate for preschoolers as well.

That was all about the best of GBA games for kids. These GBA games shall entertain as well as educate the kids. This successor to Gameboy Colour shall out do the latter in every way and has to offer to the players a lot of fun and enjoyment.

It is now time to explore!

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