5 Best Narendra Modi Games for Android

Narendra Damodardas Modi was elected as the 15th Prime Minister of India in 2014, and he was added to the list in top five world’s great leaders in India. Narendra Modi has started different national schemes like Digital India, Swach Bharat, Make in India, etc. These projects made him famous not only in India, but all over the world. We all know Modiji loves Technology and he is the second most popular politician on Social Networking Sites, and he also gains a strong fan base both offline and online.

The game developers have focused Modiji and develop some exciting games based on him. These games make him also famous, and game lovers appreciate those games. In this article, I will discuss some best Narendra Modi games, but the games are for Android users.

5 Best Narendra Modi Games for Android Users

1. Modi Jump – Run Chase to 272


Modi Jump – Run Chase to 272 is devoted to Narendra Modi and built by SmartGames. In this game, the main character Modiji runs through different cities across India and collects as much as votes to win the Loke Sabha election. To play this game, you run after the opponents, and this game is the symbol of the Modiji’s victory as a Prime Minister of India. You can get different cities in various stages, and you have to complete all steps to save votes.

2. Modi 3D Run


Modi 3D Run is a running game with loads of action and fun. When you open this game, you can see a cute photo of Modiji, which is dancing. You secure votes as you run and overcome all the hurdles to win this game. If you like to play running games, then Modi 3D Run can be your best choice. This game has been made for entertainment purpose, and there is no connection with the election.

3. Modi vs. Rahul Epic Battle


Modi vs. Rahul Epic battle is a fitting game and one of the best Modi games I ever play. In this match, you can see two leaders, and you need to select one of those leaders to start the game. You have to decrease the opponent’s energy to get success in this game. You get different keys to fighting with the enemy. You can shrink the power level of your rival by hitting on his face. You need to use ‘L’ key for left punch, ‘R’ key for right punch and ‘Block’ key for obstructing the hit from the enemy.

4. Modi Hill Climb Racing


Modi Hill Climb Racing is a car riding game and Mobilion has developed it. You will drive a car for climbing a hill to reach the finishing point. It is an endless racing game. Eight different stages are included in this game, and you can get the chances to collect coins, unlock and upgrade the vehicles while you are playing. You can drive fast, take air jumps and air flip to collect extra coins. I am sure Namo supporter will love this game.

5. Modi Run


Modi Run is developed by Dexati and is rated four stars in the Google Pay Store. This game is made for Android users, and most of the game lovers download it. In this game, Modiji runs through entire 18 states to become the Prime Minister of India. Throughout the game Modi runs, jumps and flies. Modi Runs is a parody of the Elections and developers have built this game for entertainment purpose. So neither Narendra Modi nor BJP Party is promoted via this game. If your Smartphone is loaded with many games, but you want to try something different, then go for Modi Run. I am sure you will love to play it.

Final Words

This is the list of best Narendra Modi Games for Android users. You can download these games on your smartphone from corresponding URLs in Google Play Store. Apart from these listed games, you can find some other Modi games, which are also very popular. Developers build not only games, but they have made different apps to support Narendra Modi’s works and his dedication towards the nation. You can get these various apps like Modi News and other Modi Apps on Google Play Store free.

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