Epic Games Issues Regrets For Marketing Reskinned Dog Game

To be precise, Epic Games has freshly come under fire for trading a reskinned variant of one of their in-game pet dogs, Bonesy.

The latest version, named Gunner, is somewhat lighter in color, with a contrasting color of eyes and a white emblem on their bandana.

So why is this a great deal? As many social media commenters stated, most cosmetic items are reskinning of preceding items alternatively to entirely new pieces.

This enables companies to make more items for those that like them to enjoy without having to sink production funds into making them. Gaze at skins in any champion-based game like Overwatch or League of Legends and you’ll see that a solid chunk of them do trifle more than swapping the color a little.

A vigorous bit of the backlash comes from the point that Gunner, the newly reskinned version, was a Battle Pass exclusive piece. The only way to get him was to have acquired a Battle Pass for Fortnite, conferring you exclusive items.

Epic Games even convinced players that they would never be releasing Battle Pass items for sale and that they would settle exclusively. Gunner’s sale is more than just a lethargic reskin of an earlier existing cosmetic piece, but proof of Epic Games going back on their word if it meant a twosome more V-bucks in their pocket.

If they considered so little that they published the item, definitely they must be remorseless covering it. We should not have released the Gunner Pet and regret ingesting so,” Epic Games said in a report over the matter. So nope, Epic Games acknowledges that they messed up, and repent publishing the cosmetic item.

They’re even extending compensation tokens suitable for any eligible items, as well as 200 V-bucks to anyone who acquired the pet.Candidly, it feels amazingly deep. Fortnite is a massive game with over a quarter billion registered accounts.

The release of a new piece in the in-game store isn’t something that a casual first-year intern did with no oversight yet something that had to go through multiplied channels before being released into the game. If it was set in the game, it was set in because Epic felt that it should be in the game.

In this instance, Epic likely felt it required to be in the game because it would make them more money. Promptly regarding the backlash, they took it out and said that it should never have been there. Exactly where was that foresight before the destruction was fulfilled?

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