Top 5 Free Racing Games for Boys

Racing games have always been fun, haven’t they? Moreover, when we think of free racing games, nothing can be the best. Most of the people love to play car racing games and huge fans of the same. Be it sim racing games or the arcade ones, car racing games for boys, it is their ultimate source of joy. Let us have a look at the best of racing games which are a must have for all you car racers out there:

1. Need for Speed: No Limit

need for speed

NFS has always been the first choice for many; car racing games for boys often meant this. With an amazing range of cars and customizations to choose from, you will have your dream ride on the roads. The game allows for in-app purchases to make the experience only better and faster. Use your settings to make any required changes.

  • Customize the rides: Probably one of the most intriguing options available on this game. Select cars from the real world and come up with the best of customizations.
  • The fast and furious: Ride on the roads of Blackridge and drive simply like a bird in the sky! Happy driving!
  • Let the race begin: Dip, drift and rag as you ride freely on the roads of this game. Win over the police as you drive over wherever the map leads you to!

2. Asphalt Nitro

Ashphalt nitro

Yet another best in the list of free racing games, the Asphalt Nitro is quite like a mini version of Asphalt 6.

  • Sky is the limit, and speed is your tool. Make the most of both while you speed through the road and perform those stunts!
  • With the challenge mode, police chase mode and the friends mode lined up for you, you sure will manage to excel in one of them at least.
  • You can’t always travel to the best of places, but your car can! Explore the best of places and discover the shortcuts while you race.

Now you know why it is one of the best car racing games for boys!

3. Real Racing 3

real racing

This is among those car racing games for boys that have given free racing games on the phone a new dimension altogether. Not only is it an award winning franchise but has also provided an amazing experience to the players

  • With a total of 100 cars available to your discretion, have the best of car racing experience.
  • What you see here and what you ride here will be the closest to reality!
  • There are an enormous number of races to select from; ranging from challenges to cups to drag races, you have it all right here right now.

Real Racing 3 has support for maximum available devices and is always on a look out to expand to more. Everyone loves the game and the experience equally well!

4. GT Racing 2

GT Racing

Yet another phenomenal game in the list of car racing games for boy available across various platforms. Choose from the most prestigious cars for a real-time experience into the world of racing!

  • A completely different interface at various of times of the day, GT Racing 2 has added a range of modes for you to explore the world o racing
  • You can compete with your friends or join into the teams; you could as well enhance your skills while you get assistance for the gears and your speed!

This game indeed brings you to an amazing racing experience!

5. Traffic Rider

traffic rider

Yet another amazing choice on our list of free racing games would be Traffic rider! Arcade racing counts for an equally good car racing games for boys, doesn’t it? All you’ve got to do is be the fastest!

  • Realistic and amazing graphics
  • A varied range of cars to choose from
  • 5 modes as well as environments to explore
  • Basic customization available
  • Lead the board and track your achievements online!

It counts for an amazing free racing game, isn’t it? There is a similar game available for bike lovers too!

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