Free Shooting Games for Kids for Endless Entertainment

These days, it is extremely easy to play different types of shooting games for kids both online and offline. These shooting games for kids are designed so well that both adults and kids can enjoy alike. Nowadays, you can easily connect to hundreds of different players worldwide and compete against each other to play different shooting games for kids. You can always get something new when you visit play store. Here, we are discussing some of the best shooting games for kids available for both iOS and Android.

Free Shooting Games For Kids

War Games for iOS


Help Greek chief Themistokles to reunite all the Greek soldiers to prevent the Artemisia forces invading your territory. Become the vengeful commander in the Persian navy. It is the whole new chapter of epic war saga that gives you the fresh battlefield on the ocean. It is one of the most loved war games on iOS. It is one of the best war games and stars Eva Green, Sullivan Stapleton, Hans Matheson, Lena Headey and Rodrigo Santoro.

Hercules: The Official Game

This official game presents the greatest Greek warrior; Hercules brought directly from the movie. As Hercules, you will embark on epic labors, get salvation for your sins, malice the Goddess Hera and prove yourself for Greece. Go through the epic ancient battles in the most promising hack-and-slash war game available in Apple App Store.

Strategy Games for Android

Castle Clash: Age of Legends

In Castle Clash, you will explore the world with other Clashers. It is one of the top-rated strategy games in 2015 in several countries. You will have a Special Hero Card of $5 for free with any order in your account. Battle your way and build your castle to glory with around 100 million clashers across the world. It is among the most addictive strategy games ever. Here, you will hire legions of epic heroes and lead your army of legendary creatures – both small and big and fight and become the greatest warlord of the world.

Vikings: War of Clans

Welcome to Viking’s cruel world where power, freedom, violence and fear reign higher! You will lead your brave warriors into epic battle, capture the world and show the players worldwide who the boss is. Here, you will develop a mystic palace, participate in strategic campaigns, grow your army and boost the coffers with loot. Get into the new era of fierce battles, decisive conquests and heroic entries.

Play Free Shooting Games for Kids on Android Platform

Overkill 3

Welcome to the action-packed world of Overkill 3 where audio-visual spectacles rule. Lead yourself to the victory over the evil forces and their powerful killing robots. The game features unmatched gun customization options with loads of attachments and upgrades. It is one of the best shooting games for kids. Get yourself armed with a huge arsenal of customizable weapons, ranging from mighty shotguns, sniper, assault, and machine guns to future-perfect firearms. So, get ready to play one of the most incredible shooting games for kids.

N.O.V.A. 3 – Freedom Edition

It is one of the most impressive and immersive sci-fi FPS games. So, get ready to play free shooting games and choose this one also for your Smartphone. Now it is absolutely free to download. Get ready to fight for the survival of mankind! It comes with an epic storyline where you can fight in ten amazing levels around the galaxy.

Play Online Action Shooting Games for iOS

Iron Man 3: The Official Game

You can play online action shooting games, but Iron Man 3 has something more than that.  Here, you will play the lead character of billionaire Tony Stark aka Iron Man in this endless, fast runner. Here, you will fight across the world against A.I.M. forces and explore three locations along self-generating, infinite levels – New York City, Malibu Shores and China.

Dead Trigger

Love Zombies and want to hunt them down anytime you want? Well, you must play online action shooting games like Dead Trigger. Like its sequel Dead Trigger 2, Dead Trigger is still loved by zombie freaks. The game has recorded over 26 million downloads and awarded with Apple’s Hall of Fame, App Store’s Best of 2012 and Unity 2012 Awards. This award-winning zombie-shooter features limitless random missions, so your entertainment never ends. It has 10 unique environments to explore. It also features four Survival Arenas in Survival Mode so you can defeat endless hordes of Zombies. Enjoy around 40 hours of gameplay and level your character up. It also gives you the opportunity to earn more items and money while relaxing in the casino.

This game gives you the best of your iPhone device with insanely appealing graphics and advanced post-process and lightning effects. With unprecedented detailing, it has complete 3D environments and characters with HQ 3D audio and life-like soundtrack. This game features animations recorded with cutting-edge motion capture technology. It has stunning ragdoll effects and intuitive controls.

Some Other Good Games for iOS

Criminal Case

Here, you have hundreds of murder cases to solve as a police officer in Grimsborough. It is the captivating adventure, hidden object searching game. In this investigation game, you have a lot of crime scenes to investigate where you can find clues, interrogate the suspects and catch the killers based on evidence. So, get ready to nurture a skillful detective in you. It is one of the good games you can play anytime for endless entertainment.  Here, you can become the best detective of all time by playing with your friends.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

It is considered to be among the good games in action, strategy and adventure categories. The sequel of Plants vs. Zombies, Plant vs. Zombies 2 has bagged around 30 awards for ‘Game of the Year’ title. Here, you will meet, defeat and greet hordes of zombies from daytime till the evening. Lead the army of mighty plants that will both defend and defeat against the zombies of different kinds. Protect your brain by powering up your defenses with plant food. With over 100 million downloads, this game is the winner of Game Informer’s Best Mobile Game at E3, Mashable’s Best Mobile Game 2013 and Slide to Play’s Game of the Year 2013 awards.

We hope you liked our list of Free Shooting Games for Kids! 🙂

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