10 Games like Slither.io

Slither.io is a very popular online game where you have a small snake you keep on adding or eating glowing orbs which are near you to grow in size and shape. This would be the modern version of one of the oldest Nokia’s Snake games. It has an essence of competitiveness which makes it fantastic and has a universal approach towards entertaining people. Slither.io became one of the most played online games that would catch the attention of many players, having said that, it is not the only addictive game of its kind available. Here are 10 choices that you have apart from Slither.io that are worth checking out!

1. Nebulous

In this instead of a snake, you have your own blob which grows as you consume other small dot particles throughout the game. You could also consume your opponents if they are smaller than you but trying to consume opponents which have bigger blobs might lead you to your defeat. This whole gave gives you galaxy-ic experience and supports multiplayer. The visuals and graphics into the space are massive and good. To play download from here- http://bit.ly/1TpTWeO

2. Orborous

This one is stimulated by Nebulous and Slither.io as it has a snake that slides in the universe. Collect the dots in the game to grow in size in order to intercept other snakes. You could also stand a chance to become the longest snake in the whole universe if you compete online. The best thing about playing is when the neon colors pop on the black screen gives it the best appearance, to download and play- http://bit.ly/289ILiF

3. Agar.io

This would be the second one on the list in the criteria of addictiveness. As in this you control a cell and guide it to consume the smaller cells to grow larger in mass, but as you grow along it makes difficult to operate as it reduces the pace of your cell. Unlike any other snake games, we found this one to be vibrant and if you want divide yourself in smaller parts to move ahead in the game to win. To play: http://bit.ly/1VBQMZl

4. Supersnake.io

This one is interesting as we can call it a combination of Slither.io and Agar.io. This one comes with a unique gameplay which includes different levels and simulations and definitely equally competitive, also supports the multiplayer feature. It is worth your time don’t hesitate to download and play, go check out at http://bit.ly/2jqf6Rqc

5. Insatiable.io Snakes

This would be the new worm game on the street leading to a strategic gameplay, eat all you can to make your insatiable snake to grow more, you get a chance to attack with your horn to eat others. Good performance and graphics also include various skins to personalize your worms. This doesn’t stop here, there are power-ups, if you ate different parts of your opponent’s snake, yeah so cool! To download it, please click- http://bit.ly/2irz5Lp

6. Worm.is

Another of the worm game it’s good and steady, and honestly the biggest plus point of being not so famous on the market that has very less of traffic and works seamlessly on your iPad. Touch your screen to guide your worm to eat and grow huge; you can also poke in other’s remaining bits and pieces. Animations are smooth, and colors are vivid, also gives you quirky skins to personalize depend upon the updates. One of a few copycat games like Slither.io worth checking out- http://bit.ly/2jhbBsz

7. Limax.io

In Limax.io, you play as a tear-drop shaped creature that grows as you eat surrounded items. You can also try to kill your enemies by tricking them to come at you, once they will slam at you, they would die. But as compared to Slither.io one of features is disappointing if you actually wants to slay at a faster rate you might lose your length. Graphics are restricted could be more to make an impression. To try this one, go to http://limax.io/

8. wormax.io

You can play this one as a single user, or against the computer or in a multiplayer mode. This is what makes it so versatile and popular. This snake game is so competitive that you could also invite others or get a booster in active play. Ask your snake to gain the items to the fullest and become the biggest to win this game. To play- http://bit.ly/2iS8Xug

9. Mitosis

This is a cross between Agar.io and Slither.io. Nevertheless, the addition of different modes makes it so fun. From the developers of Worm.io this would be a great option to choose, click at http://bit.ly/2ir2y8q

10. Snail limax.io

Full of features like daily rewards, collect Xps and power-ups this could be nest level of snake madness. Eat foot to grow slowly, but kill someone and eat the remains would give you massive powers, accumulate powers and hit the speed to kill all. To play this one go to http://bit.ly/2i4WFwB

I hope you guys like all the other alternatives so don’t be afraid to try some of them.


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