6 games like Temple Run

Isn’t just the name enough to ring some bells? Temple Run is one of those games which all of us have played for hours at least one point of time. The game needs no description, though, it is a running, action – adventure game published by Imangi Studios. It has been 5 years since the release of the game, and it hasn’t really lost its charm. It was released only for iOS earlier, however, later on, Temple run download for PC for Windows 8 was made available and in 2013, Temple run download for Android was also made available. Play Temple Run online and if not Temple Run, we have a list sorted for you!

Temple run

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The game is basically and an endless game where the player keeps on running in the quest of coins, jewels, life and a lot more. The visuals for the game are amazing and the game never really seems to be a bore despite the endless gameplay.  Undoubtedly, the game is one amazing experience, but it is always great to have some options to choose and browser from. In this article, I will list for you a couple of games like Temple Run, so the next time you want a change, you know which games to go for!

Below are the Games like Temple Run:

1. Subway Surfers

Subway surfer

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We all are pretty much well aware of Jake’s chase on the tracks in between the trains and running away from the station officer. There isn’t much to do, though, and this is another endless running game, where you will be able to collect coins, dodge objects and find your way through by swiping your way through the railway tracks. The game has a very colorful and vibrant kind of an environment, which makes it a favorite of many children too. The animation for the game is what makes it child-like but still fun to play at any time.

The game is developed by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games and has managed to become the top grossing of all times. There is a lot to do while you make your way, from the jetpack to the somersaults and all the jumping; you will never get tired from this game.

2. Rail Rush

rail rush

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This is another game that tops the list of games like Temple Run; developed by MiniClip.com, Rail Rush is how you make your way against the obstacles in an underground mine. All you need to do is sit in your cart, and move through your way as you will pass through 6 different scenic beauties.

The missions for the game are quite simple, and every small little achievement count. As and how the game takes it due course, you will discover how many achievements you have unlocked and levels you have crossed.

While you collect the coins, you will be able to purchase various items for your cart in order to speed up your chase, attract coins with the Super magnet force, Iron grid, etc. All you need is a state of mind to be able to cope up with the speed it gains soon after you begin!

3. Jetpack Joyride


Source: halfbrick.com

Another great game which is quite similar to games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers. The game comes from the makers of Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies and other such related games. Halfbrick Studios never fails always to amaze us with its great creations and of course all the creativity and newness, it brings along with it.

The game is based on the adventures of Barry Steakfries, a bureaucrat who breaks into a laboratory and has to deal with dangerous objects and equipment. He has to save himself gun propulsions in the begging and as the game progresses, so does the weapons and missions.

4. Agent Dash


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Games like Temple Run and Agent Dash and Rail Rush are always the kind which never ever seem to be a bore. This game lets you have the 007 Avatar for yourself and while you work your way through the missions, you have to only move as fast and as far you can. The animation and sound for the game is a lot ‘spyish’ and lets you enjoy the Bond avatar at its best.

There are multiple enemy bases; however, the start for all players will be at the Jungle and later on, other bases like the town or lava liar can be explored. Swiping though the game includes sidesteps, leaps and sliding beneath the obstructions. The objectives and the missions are never ending!

5. Lara Croft: Relic Run


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These running games can be so addictive, I never imagined; but well when there are games like Lara Croft and its likes, there is no questioning. The game has been developed by Square Enix and it lets you pass through multiple destinations ranging from Deserts to Mountains to Jungles. The game is full of adventure and of course the chase in the different terrains!

6. Despicable Me- Minion Rush


Source: togamehack.com

For all the Minion fans, this game is just your thing. Developed by Gameloft, the game is an endless running game running through Gru’s lab where you must make your way through the obstacles with all the jumping and swiping. The game isn’t a problem with any devices and there are in-app purchases available for the same.

And that was all about our list of games like Temple Run. There is no doubt on the fact that Temple Run is a game of its kind and no matter how many choices there will be, we can never have enough of it. Temple run download for Android and Temple run download for PC, both are available since its first introduction. What are you waiting for? Select one game from our list and let the chase begin! If nothing works well, you always have Temple Run to go back to! You can as well play Temple Run online and make the chase until you don’t fall out!

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