10 Ways People are making Money from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has created the hype recently and has broken all previous milestones set by other game and applications for smartphones. It has surpassed the number of user downloads for Tinder application which was lastly the most downloaded smartphone application. On daily usage, it has sent back twitter as well. As per the news at one time there were more users daily using the Pokemon Go application then the daily users for Twitter, the modern social networking application.

For some, it was fun to play with and the first time introduction of Augmented Reality has made it a curiosity for the people. Some people have gone beyond the expectations of the Niantic, the owner company of Pokemon Go. For them, it was developed as a game to play with, but smart people have made it a way to earn money from. Yes, you have read that right, people are even earning money from Pokemon Go as well. In this read, we will list down all those best 10 ways with which people are making money as they have witnessed.

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  1. Pokemon Trainer: Kids from the 90’s are more familiar with the Pokemon thing and have wished to become a Pokemon trainer in their childhood. Now their one step advance knowledge is making them eligible to earn money. People are offering service to become Pokemon trainer for you which means they will be catching Pokemon and winning Pokemon stops on your behalf. But all it takes to lose some money to get a Pokemon trainer for you. Average price range is 20-25 $ per hour.
  2. Selling Pokemon Go Accounts: Pokemon Go accounts which are already charged up with all those credit points and extra precious eggs are available to purchase online. Depending upon on your own choice you can browse through what a particular account will give you. People are charging around thousand dollars for their extra advance accounts.
  3. Pokemon Go Bus: A bus painted in Pikachu theme will be roaming within New York and will pass through all those high probability areas for hatching eggs. If don’t want to roam, you can lend your account to someone which will then walk to chase for Pokemon The service requires 2$ for 2 KM distant eggs and 5$ for 5 KM distant eggs.
  4. Attracting Customers to the Food Stores: Retail chain or food outlet owners are reducing their prices and offering great deals by asking people to come to their stop which will serve them food at low cost as well as chances to get more of the Pokemon as all these places are designed as poke stops in the game.
  5. How to Guide: People are providing you all those clever tips and tricks to master the game within a book. They are taking you to the journey of hunting Pokemon and hatching eggs with easy to follow steps and as a caution, things to be taken care off. A book by “Doug Morrow” is available to purchase on the selling price of 2$.
  6. Pokemon Go hacks: Hackers are the laziest people, wanting every other thing on the couch rather than going out grabbing it. You can jailbreak your phone and take the most of Pokemon Go fun. You do the actions on your phone screen without actually walking, and your progress is updating.
  7. Third Party Pokemon Go websites: Some websites has made it possible to breach into the Niantic servers to get the confidential information about various special creatures and Pokemon Using the action “Poke Vision,” you can just have a look at all nearby Pokemon and till what time they will be visible. When these sites were closed down, their revenue was around tens of thousand dollars per day.
  8. Pokemon Go Cards: Pokemon Go cards are one of that merchandise, each Pokemon lover would like to have. The websites have showcased some of the rare cards which they are selling on thousand of the dollar.
  9. Phone snatching and Stealing: It was so common during the earlier days of Pokemon being available. Kids who were so fond of playing Pokemon go even in the late night were lost their phones to the criminals or local thieves and then the phone was made available to purchase online.
  10. Pokemon Go dog walkers: Why not take a dog along on your walk to get the Pokemon. The idea was initiated by one of the pet animal shop owners and was pretty much liked.

So Pokemon go has proved to be the game for all. Some can enjoy playing the game while the rest others can feel joyous by filling their pockets for offering special Pokemon go services.

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