Pokemon GO – A Game You Must Not Miss to Play

Looks like we are all reliving our childhood days with a touch of the virtual world, isn’t it? It took just a couple of days for Pokemon GO to trend on Facebook and take the internet by storm. And now, Pokemon GO is the most searched word on Google by beating even the most searched thing, Porn. It is indeed one really cool game with so many memories of childhood for many!

For those who are yet to know what exactly the Pokemon GO is all about, let me tell you that Pokémon GO is about looking out for a Pokemon in a world of your own; the world which is nothing but just a creation. It is built on Niantics Real World Gaming Platform and uses the GPS to search around for Pokemon just like the case would have been for real. Pokémon GO lets you find for yourself, from the hundreds of species of Pokemon, the ones who are around you.


Walk, hop, or run! Catch the Pokémon and explore your city or surroundings. As you travel, you can as well catch as many Pokémon as you could. While you move around, the vibration on your smartphone will help you locate Pokemons nearby. Having encountered a Pokémon, you need to aim at your touch screen and take and throw a Poké Ball to catch it. (The traditional way)

Let us know a little more about Pokémon GO!

Customize Your Trainer

Pokémon GO allows you to customize your trainer by selecting apparel, accessories and give him a cool look. While you move around, you will as well see your trainer and also other characters can look at you when visiting the gym.

Add to Your Pokédex

As you progress in the game, you will reach to higher levels which will bring  you the powerful Pokemons and help you complete your Pokédex. In addition to that, you’ll also get additional power in the form of various items! Other ways to add Pokémon to your Pokédex include catching same species of Pokémon enough number of times, find Pokémon Eggs and PokéStops. Certain Pokémons are available at particular places, watch out for them!

Join a Team and Battle

You’ll reach a point where you can join a team from the available three. Having done that, you’ll get the opportunity to assign the Pokémon you’have caught to open Gym locations or to a Gym where a team member has already assigned a Pokémon.

You can also challenge your rival team and have a Pokémon battle if you wish to get a gym claimed by them. Each Pokémon has two attacks, and can as well dodge the defending Pokémon’s attacks when you swipe left or right. Winning the battle reduces their gym’s prestige which when zero, frees their control over the gym. And the battle continues!

There are many challenges in various categories which will get you medals and shall be visible on your player profile

Pokémon GO Plus

A portable device called the Pokémon GO Plus would as well allow the players to enjoy the game while not on their smartphones. Bluetooth is the player here! Connect it to your Bluetooth and see how easily you catch Pokemons and never miss any. This shall be made available by the end of July this year.

Free to Play

Pokémon GO as we all know by now is available for free, and all you need is a net connection. For players who want to add up to the entire look and feel of Pokemon, there are items on the play store meant just for them. Players can as well make use of real currency to gain power-ups, extra items, and other enhancements.

Photo Fun

When you find a Pokémon in the wild, you can as well just use your camera and enter the live scene where your camera is facing. Then capture the moment with the in-game camera which can be found in your Bag. Line up your shot and click the camera button! There! You saved your snapshot!

And that’s about it! It is sheer fun and of course, the regular updates coming in will have the players engrossed into the game day in and day out! Watch out for the game, and get your hands on it right away if you’re yet to!

Happy searching!

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