7 Pokemon RPG games for kids

How much all of us miss watching Pokemon, don’t we? For all the 90s kids, Pokemon was a major part of their lives; however, for the kids now, well they are indeed missing out on something I must say. Now that they can’t really do anything about it, they can easily switch to the Pokemon RPG games for kids.

Pokemon has been a very popular TV show and also a widely played card game created in Japan in 1996. Given the increased popularity it has shared with the kids and teenagers, various games having a similar look and feel have come up, and the imagery has been used to create games out of it. In this article, we will list down some such free Pokemon games, and you can download them on your PCs.

RPG games are nothing but Role playing games, where the game is played from a particular person’s perspective, and it is you who will direct the due course of the game.

So here is a list of free Pokemon games for your PC. If you are a Pokemon fan, then these games are made just for you; if you aren’t, well you must definitely try them out. Who knows you might as well fall in love with these tiny miny creatures and the entire look and feel of the game.

Pokemon RPG games for PC:

1. Pokemon: Revolution


Source: youtube.com

Since these are all Pokemon RPG games, here, the player will have to be the Pokemon trainer. The basic aim here is to make a collection of Pokemon of various shapes, sizes as well as danger levels so that they can be trained for the battle. As you proceed through the game, you will also come across other trainers, and also a master who shall be a pro at winning the battles.

However, one drawback for this game is the fact that the graphics could have been a little better. Given the entire environment for the game, it is a little of a backlash to play it on just the basic graphics. None the less, the game is fun to play!

2. Pokemon: Black and White


Source: pokemon.com

Now this one of the Pokemon RPG games is an interesting one with Pokemon having additional abilities. The Pokemon are actually a stronger version of the older ones and with all the challenges aboard; there is a lot of fun that awaits you in the game.

In addition to the normal series game, there are also a number of mini play games you could go for and make the entire gameplay a better one.

3. Pokemon Battle Revolution PC game


Source: ign.com

Now this is one amazing Pokemon RPG games online to be found. It is among the kind of Pokemon RPG games where you will have a new adventure to explore at every point of the game. As and when you move along the game, you will find many Pokemons and playing on the battlefield is always fun. With each level of the game that you complete, you will be getting badges; the game is also playable at tournament level.

Here, the user will be the hero of the game and through the entire series, it he who will decide on everything – from selecting the Pokemon at Oaks lab until the league finishes after a successful battle.

4. Pokemon Voyage


Source: pokemonmusicnetwork.blogspot.com

Pokemon Voyage has been on the edge since 2011 and ever since it has managed to get some attention from all the Pokemon fans. It is basically one of the Pokemon RPG games online that allows you to train Pokemons and also trade them; in addition to that there are also a number of challenges that the Trainers can take to in order to compete for the badges.

5. Pokemon: Den of Ages



Pokemon: Den of Ages is an amazing 2D Pokemon MMORPG that has been developed by the Blackfyre team. This isn’t just another of the MMORPG games, but it has a really cool gameplay offering you some of the coolest features. At the beginning of the game, all start off with as a trainer and as the game progresses, the players are able to pick up the class they wish to if their scoreboard manages to reach the requirements.

6. Pokemon battle quest


Source: pokemonbattlequest.net

This is another of the Pokemon RPG games online, and you can play it on the browser itself. No downloading and installing needed; just login or register! The players can train their Pokemons and then battle them against the other trainers’ Pokemons to gain badges and win the tournaments.

7. Pokemon Cyrus online


Source: youtube.com

PCO, or the Pokemon Cyrus online is yet another of the Pokemon games for free available online. The developers keep updating the app and fix bugs as and when the need arises.

If you are a Pokemon fan, you will surely enjoy the game. One of the best features about the game is the fact that it lets you create a crew of your own and trade cards with other players playing online. If you are a Pokemon lover, you should definitely check this game out!

And that was all about a list of Pokemon games for free! Pokemon RPG games are always fun because well, the series has been a legendary one an so shall the game be. There is a number of Pokemon like apps and games available to choose form!

Happy playing!

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