Survival Horror FPS Game Series

A unique game for Saints Ros is also being improved, and a series to TimeSplitters might also be on the table.

Before the CEO’s statement, the company has also unveiled that A4 Games had their hands on an undisclosed plan. The reveal just fortifies that this would be the fourth game in the Metro series.

Furthermore, as exhibited throughout the THQ Nordic event, the Metro Exodus sequel is not the only game affirmed to be in the works.

Even though these games were considered in the statement, the Metro sequel is nowhere to be noticed. Moreover, the Metro Exodus name popped up while the gathering, and its retail accomplishment was considered.

It was also made apparent that THQ Nordic’s division, Deep Silver, did very well in the latest quarter because of the game’s “continued vitality.” So far, THQ Nordic also has been keen to reinforce earlier that the Metro Exodus release was the company’s most influential launch.

It is not a surprise that the game dev company would follow-up on the game promptly. The game’s influential sales performance fuelled the early expansion of the subsequent sequel. This also attains as a wonder conceding that the dev team revealed that a sequel to the PC version might not appear if the PC version did not sell fine.

This point might have cropped up because of its Epic Games specifically. Still, the conspicuous victory of the game might also determine the game development company to make the latest series available on PC. The fresh Metro Exodus game will ensue following the previous events of the past game where Artyom reverts to Moscow following the post-apocalyptic nuclear war event.

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