Top 3 Ways to Earn with TemplateMonster

Many people nowadays are searching for a reliable method of earning money online. If you are one of them you are lucky. This article is going to introduce you to the top three ways you can use to benefit from TemplateMonster.

1. TemplateMonster Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the main sources of income for the majority of the website owners. It is not limited to web design niche only. However, it is here where you have the highest chances for solid returns. The online world of today is progressing at rapid-fire pace. And more and more people feel the need for ready-made templates. The majority of the leading companies in the web design industry offer their affiliate programs on different terms. Why should you give preference to TemplateMonster Affiliate Program? Let’s find out.

TemplateMonster doesn’t need a special introduction, as it is the oldest template provider in the market. And it has made its name not out of the blue. For almost 15 years the company has been developing high-quality professional templates of different types and categories. Today their collection of templates counts 26K+ items. The positive feedback from thousands of customers can be an ample proof of the quality and services they provide.
Anyone can become a part of TemplateMonster affiliate program. There is no approval process and the registration is minimized to entering your email address. Like in any other affiliate program you need to share your referral link and get your commission for the sales made through them. The starting commission rate is 30%. However, you can make it 50%! The company offers a progressive commission plan, where the commission you get depends directly on the number of sales you’ve made. The more sales you made this month, the higher commission you will be getting the next month. Sounds really fair, doesn’t it? An average paycheck on is $90. Making simple calculations, we get $27-$45 of your earnings per each sale. That’s quite a lot for the web design niche. Whereas other template providers offer high commission rate having an average paycheck of $30-$50, TemplateMonster gives you an opportunity to earn real money. You should also know that the cookies are live for 365 days. This is the longest period in the market! What is more, if you recruit other affiliates to TemplateMonster affiliate program, you are going to receive your life-long supervisor’s 5% cut from the sales they make.
TemplateMonster has already taken care about the success of your affiliate campaign. You have access to the whole set of free tools you may need in your work. If you are a blogger, you can use banners, showcases, landing pages or WordPress plugin to create the constant presence of the brand on your website. If you want to play for high stakes, you can install a ready-made shop. The variety of tools makes it easy to find something suitable for your particular campaign. You will also have your personal affiliate manager, which you can contact via email, Skype or call if you prefer to get things done on the phone.
TemplateMonster supports lots of payment systems, like PayPal, Skrill, SWIFT, Payoneer, Webmoney, and ACH. So you won’t have problems with your money withdrawal.
In addition, being a TemplateMonster affiliate you can also take part in Monster Traffic Challenge and Monster Content Challenge 2017, which provides you with additional opportunities of earning.

2. Social Stock

If you don’t have any marketing skills and don’t run your personal website but still want to get your piece of the pie there is a chance for you too. Social Stock is a project from TemplateMonster that aims for dynamic people with active social life. You don’t actually earn physical money here, but have an opportunity to get some pretty valuable prizes.

To sign up for the project you just need to enter you email address to the respective field on the homepage of the project. In the follow-up letter you are going to receive your personal 10% promocode for all TemplateMonster products. Now you need to share this promocode with your friends and get points for every usage of it. Collecting the points you will be able to exchange them for the prizes. The more points you have the better prize you can get. Here is what you can get:

  • For 10 points: $100 on PayPal;
  • for 20 points: SmartWatch Pebble;
  • for 50 points: iPad Mini 2;
  • for 100 points: iPhone 6;
  • for 250 points: Camera Canon EOS 6D;
  • for 500 points: MacBook Pro;
  • for 1000 points: Harley-Davidson Street;
  • for 10 000 points: Tesla Model S.

After registration, you get access to the whole library of tools that might be essential in your sharing campaign. These are images, memes, funny texts and other staff so popular on the web. However, if you really want to achieve success you can try creating something of your own. Your friends will truly appreciate your personal approach and your conversion will be higher by times.
This is already the second round of Social Stock project. It was launched first a year ago, and the public response was pretty high. That’s why TemplateMonster decided to continue the project for one more year. By the way, Social Stock runs until the end of December. After that, all the points you have not exchanged for the prizes will reset to zero.

3. TemplateMonster Web Studios Catalog

This part will be especially interesting for web design studios and individual web developers. From now on TemplateMonster provides you with a brilliant opportunity to increase your income and to get a constant flow of new clients. This becomes possible thanks to TemplateMonster Web Studios Catalog.

Any web studio or web developer has an opportunity to be included in the list of TemplateMonster certified partners. What does it give you? Quite a common situation when a client buys a template, but either doesn’t really know what to do with it or wants some customization. This is where you take the stage. The client has a possibility of advanced search by country, state, and city. So he can find you in the list and contact for some services.
This is absolutely free for you. The only requirement is that to get on the list you need to pass TemplateMonster Certification to confirm your high level of proficiency. Don’t worry, to make it easier for you to pass the test TemplateMonster has already prepared a huge knowledge base on the most popular CMS. However, if you feel confident enough you can start the certification test at once. It won’t take you long. Passing the test successfully you get into the catalog and receive TemplateMonster Certificate, which can serve the good turn in your career.
As you can see, TemplateMonster offers you plenty of opportunities. All of them are working, and you can learn it at first hand. You don’t need any special conditions to start earning with TemplateMonster. All you need to do is to make up your mind and join the team right now.

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